What’s next after your energy audit,
go ahead !

Achieving energy savings, when do you really go for it ?

You’ve received your energy audit which indicates your paint booths energy consumption represents over 25% of your total annual energy bill.

How should you act on this energy-hungry process, which is your major source of huge savings potential ?

Specialist in reducing energy related to industrial painting processes, Vision’Air provides a refreshing approach, capable of delivering energy efficiency sure-fire results.

In your real production environment, VA gives you the costs of the energy consumption in your paint booths.

VA gives the command of your paint booths to you, allowing you to reduce from 30 to 70% your current energy bill.

Applicators safety guaranteed. A smart and effective solution in real time. Readily verifiable at any time on your paint booths !

Energy and climate issues are obviously interconnected. Which double solution could be used ?

Consuming only the useful power (connected to your production), you will reduce your energy bill and cut at the same time your CO2 emissions (greenhouse gas responsible for global warming) !

Example for annual gain in an aircraft paint booth : 145 000 m3/h – 24h/day for 240 days/year :

With :

Gas : 0,04 €/kW

Electricity : 0,07 €/kW


Gas : 0,231 kgCO2/kWh

Electricity : 0,084 kgCO2/kWh

 ANNUAL PROFIT after PROB’AIR installation :

Financial gain :                                       81 000 € or 50 % of the bill before PROB’AIR installation

Saved energy :                              Gas : 1 515 679 kWh / Electricity : 289 872 kWh

Carbon Footprint profit :                              374 Tons of unreleased CO2, or 155 TOE

The ROI time:                                                        under 10 months

Consume energy in a responsive way, save costs and minimize your Carbon Footprint in no time.
Take action, and especially compare !